Staff Directory

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Name Title Email Phone
Denise Balagna Athletics Program Manager 309-434-2260
Debbie Bohannon Office Manager 309-434-2260
Peter Burvenich Zoo Curator 309-434-2250
Vanessa Campos Support Staff 309-434-2260
Steve Conner Heavy Operator 309-434-2280
Nicole Culburtson Aquatics/Sports Program Manager 309-434-2260
Tony Croke Park Security
Kylen Crowell Laborer

Lindsay Danner Ice Center Ass't Mgr/Ice Skating 309-434-2737
Michael Davis Zookeeper 309-434-2250
Ann-Marie Dittman Assistant Performing Arts Manager 309-434-2766
Jill Eichholz Youth/Teen Program Manager 309-434-2260
Jan Elam Utility Worker
Leo Grant Light Machine Operator
Chad Hamel Horticulturist 309-434-2280
Ron Handley Utility Worker
James Harsh Truck Driver
Eric Heinonen Zookeeper 309-434-2250
Michael Hernbrott Ice Center Manager 309-434-2737
Jeff Hindman Horticulturist 309-434-2280
David Hunt Utility Worker
William Jackson Forester
Ryan Johnson Horticulturist
Dave Kelley Laborer
Wendy Klessig Zookeeper 309-434-2250
Ryan High Production Manager 309-434-2765
Nicole Kohler SOAR Program Manager 309-434-2260
Steven Kramer Forester

Dave Lamb Assistant Supt. Of Parks 309-434-2280
Tony Mangina Greenskeeper 309-434-2217
Joyce McKeon Adult Program Manager 309-434-2260
Jeremy Meints Horticulturist 309-434-2280
Grace Mitchell Zookeeper 309-434-2250
Robert Moews Supt. Of Parks 309-434-2280
Jason Morgan Utility Worker

Anthony Nelson Zoo Business Manager 309-434-2250
Nancy Nelson Golf Guest Services Manager 309-434-2300
Nick Niemerg BCPA Patron Services Manager 309-434-2768
Rob Oliver Greenskeeper 309-434-2300
Joe Olson Ice Center Ass't Mgr/Hockey 309-434-2737
Ben Olson Zookeeper 309-434-2250
Tim Papacek Custodian / Laborer 309-434-2771
Thom Rakestraw Marketing Associate 309-434-2786
Shannon Reedy Zoo Education Instructor 309-434-2250
David Rogers Laborer
Jennifer Rogers Zoo Gift Shop Manager 309-434-2250
Maggie Rutenbeck SOAR Program Manager 309-434-2260
Erin Shannon (Mangian) Marketing Manager 309-434-2413
Pam Starks BCPA Box Office Manager 309-434-2769
Christopher Stolzenbach Assistant Greenskeeper
Jay Tetzloff PR&CA Director and Zoo Superintendent 309-434-2250
Eric Veal Assistant Director of PR&CA 309-434-2766
Troy Watson Greenskeeper 309-434-2300
Dawn Weer Support Staff 309-434-2260
Paul Werkman Golf Clubhouse Supervisor 309-434-2200
Jason Wingate Supt. Of Golf 309-434-2300
Greg Winterland Forester
TBD Patron & Events Manager BCPA
David Young BCPA Facility & Events Manager 309-434-2761