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skate parkO'Neil Park Skatepark

The Bloomington Skatepark is a fantastic combination of skating elements that cater to all different styles of skateboarding. Designed with a continuous circular flow, the park includes ramps that range in height from a foot and a half to 6 feet tall.

The two plaza sections in opposing corners provide the stairs, rails, and multi-level surfaces that downtown street skaters are used to riding, only in a much safer environment. Many freestanding obstacles, from a radius grindbox to a picnic table to grind rails of various shapes and sizes, are great for skaters who enjoy perfecting the most technical tricks, away from the main flow of the park.

The 6’ raked quarterpipe that transitions into the 4’ halfpipe gives the ramp skaters the thrill they love and the speed they need to effectively utilize the many facets of the center pyramid cluster.

Even beginners can learn to drop in on the 2’ radius pyramid in the corner. So, whatever the style, whatever the level of proficiency, the Bloomington Skatepark has something for every skateboarder.

Come Check It Out!

The skatepark is located within O'Neil Park at 1515 W. Chestnut St. Corner of White Oak Rd. & W. Chestnut Street, Bloomington, IL - the park entrance is between White Oak and Hinshaw Ave., on Chestnut Street.